A sustainable thong and sunga company created by international beach freaks from Austin, Texas based on an ancient myth of destruction… We can explain:

The Legend of Mu

Mu, pronounced “moo,” is a mythical lost continent submerged eons ago by the sea. Its legend is synonymous with Atlantis but originates from the Mayan Book of the Dead rather than ancient Greece. Mu was a utopia that had its own advanced civilization, creatures and culture, but was utterly lost to a rising ocean. Sound familiar? To us Mu is a morality tale—shorthand for our precious lost lands in threat of destruction not just from the sea, but from us.

The Founders

Our story is also imbued with loss, an absence—one that certainly makes the heart grow fonder. Austin is great, but living landlocked is tough for thalassophiles. We are however lucky enough to be able to travel, and perhaps not surprisingly, we gravitate to what is foreign to us, wanting what we can’t have: The beach. We’ve religiously visited the coastal meccas of the world. From the Balearics to Bali, from the Cyclades to the Caribbean. And in particular, we specialize in wild beaches: The epic, savage places that best any cathedral, the places that change you, that burn in your memory as you inevitably return inland, cruelly separated, but always dreaming one day of returning.

The Mudists

Maybe you’ve been there too: To these mystic lost lands. To Mu. Where traveling isn’t a trip; it’s an expedition. Maybe you hike along the coast, maybe you sail, maybe you drive down a very questionable dirt road in a rental car that’s certainly not built for the terrain. But as you crest the final hill, you see it in all its glory: The golden sand in hypnotic embrace with the diamond sea. You enter the beach and keep walking. Past the families. Past the tourists. With each step entering further into a lost and savage world: The people wearing less and less as if it would be heresy to wear anything at all in the presence of such wild majesty, as if somehow the connection would be incomplete. Call it the undress code. Call it mudity.

The Uniform

We can’t sell naturism, so we’re selling the next best thing: Swimwear for mudists. True wild beach style for the sun addicts, the wanderers, the free spirits. Tactical, minimal pieces made from recycled fishing nets, thoughtfully engineered for the wildest of beach adventures, specifically designed to maximize your connection to paradise—made for those moments of freedom where only a thong or sunga will do. This is the uniform of Mu.

Your Mission

Ultimately, as a mudist, you know you’ll be back to Mu. You have to go back. But the sad truth is that every time you return, you play a part in destroying what you love. Destroying the beach. Destroying Mu. So, we’re recruiting you to restore the balance: Company Mu is the outfit and the outfit, the elite troop of mystical militant minds savagely clad in the fatigues of the beach, protecting, defending and serving body freedom worldwide. Together we can fight for what’s left of Mu.

Company Mu

Protect. Defend. Serve.