Defend the beach. Get free product. Get paid!

Are you planning on going to the beach soon? Do you want free, sustainable, designer swimwear? Do you want to save the planet and get paid?

We’re looking for a few good mudists to contribute to our blog, “Mu Atlas: The Last Beaches on Earth” which focuses on endangered beaches around the world and the efforts to save them. Think of it as a travel guide where body freedom drives donations and draws attention to the crisis facing our last magical places where the land meets the sea. You don't even have to be a writer to participate!

What You Get

  • A $300 USD payment per article.
  • Free Company Mu product with free shipping anywhere in the world.
  • 33% affiliate commission from sales from your article.

What the Beach Gets

  • 33% of sales generated from your article goes to a local organization defending the beach you're visiting.
  • Increased public awareness of forces threatening that beach.
Discover. Defend. Repeat.

How It Works

  1. You completely fill out the Contributor Application.
  2. We review it and if approved, we send you free Company Mu product of your choice.
  3. You go to the beach and take photos wearing Company Mu.
  4. You fill out a short follow-up questionnaire about your trip to the beach.
  5. We write the blog article using info from both questionnaires and send it to you for approval. Once approved, we post it and promote it on social.
  6. You get paid the base rate above along with a 33% affiliate sales commission made from your blog post.
  7. The beach gets paid: 33% of sales dollars from your article goes to a local non-profit defending that beach.

Everybody Wins!

The money made through product sales from your blog posts is split evenly between you, the local beach conservation organization, and Company Mu. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Travel the World And Save it at the Same Time

Our aim is to activate you as an official member of Company Mu and create an ongoing relationship. We want you to do this over and over again on every beach trip you take. Our goal is to compile these blog articles into a conservation-focused beach guide celebrating body freedom: The go-to coastal resource for mudists around the world. Together we can save the last beaches on earth!


What if I’m not a writer? What if English isn’t my first language?

Not to worry, we’re making it easy on you. You don’t have to write the finished article or do any research if you don’t want to; we’ll do that. All you need to do is fill out two short questionnaires that will form the basis of the article. We’ll finish it up (with your final approval of course) and do the necessary research on local non-profits.

Do I really have to model these teeny swimsuits on the interwebs?

Yes! But recognize that to save the place, you must become one with it. And our way to do that is to strip down both physically and mentally so that we can make that savage connection that goes straight to the soul. We’re not about body perfection, and in fact, the more imperfect your body, the more powerful your statement will be.

When do I get paid?

You get paid when the blog article is published on our website. You'll also get paid over time, for one year, through affiliate sales from your article(s). We'll disburse those payments to you quarterly.

What if I’m not going to a super-exotic location? Can I defend any beach?

While it’s true that we’re most focused on exotic wild beaches, we’ll also consider applications for beaches in more urban areas. The bottom line is that all beaches need defending, and we’re not going to be too snooty about it.

What can get my application or content denied?

For this arrangement to work, we need 1) high-quality beach content, 2) with our product clearly shown in it, 3) in a timely manner. If any of those requirements are not met, or we believe they likely won’t be met, we may very well deny your application and/or content. (Hint: We’ll start out by looking at your social media posts for an idea of quality.)

Is there a limit to how many times I can do this?

No! There is no limit, and we’d love if you did it a hundred times. This is about you literally joining Company Mu and defending every beach we can together. Success through repetition!

If I do this again, will the payment and terms be the same?

Payment and terms may change in the future so please check with us each time you produce content to make sure you know what the compensation will be. Likely the affiliate sale percentage will decrease over time, so get in on this launch offer while it’s still available.

Am I required to promote the blog article on my social media accounts?

No, you are not required to promote the article at all, although it would be very helpful to the conservation cause and your affiliate sales income if you did. But please note that there is no additional compensation for you promoting it on your socials.

What if I get the free product and change my mind?

If you don’t like the product or it doesn’t fit well, we offer free exchanges. If you decide you don’t want to do the article all together, we ask that you return the unworn product so we can continue to use it for conservation purposes. We're offering free world-wide returns for this promotion.

Seriously: DO NOT apply for this promotion just to get free product and not participate. We're doing this primarily for conservation purposes and by taking advantage, you'll only be hurting beaches that need help.

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