These terms and conditions refer specifically to the Mu Atlas promotion pertaining to the Company Mu blog. General terms and conditions of our web store can be found here. You, the Contributor, must agree to these terms to participate in this promotion.

Approval of Content

Company Mu reserves the right to approve or deny any application for this promotion for any reason and will respond to the Contributor in a timely manner regarding approval. All deliverables provided by the Contributor require approval by Company Mu including questionnaires, images, video and text. If approved, selected content you provide will be published on the Company Mu website alongside original content created by Company Mu. Company Mu agrees to get your approval in writing regarding the final publication of the finished blog article.

Rights to Content

Company Mu retains the right to re-publish the content provided by the Contributor including photos and videos on other websites, promotional materials, and print publications without further consent. The Contributor may not re-post or publish any content created by Company Mu, including text, images or videos without written permission. The Contributor has full freedom to re-post or re-publish any content they create for this promotion as they wish.

Payment and Profit Sharing

Company Mu agrees to pay the Contributor the base payment stated on the offering page along with an agreed affiliate fee based on product sales originating from the article webpage for the period of one year from the publish date of the article. Company Mu will also donate to a specific to-be-determined non-profit of their choosing and also the Beach Defender non-profit. These donations will be based on the percentage of affiliate sales stated in the offering. Donation timing is at Company Mu’s discretion but will be no later than one year from the date of the article’s publication.

Company Mu agrees to offer a profit-sharing stake to the Contributor if their content is used in any future print publications. This dollar amount is to be determined by Company Mu and they are not required to offer a specific amount.

Failure to Perform 

If Contributor fails to complete the steps outlined in the offering, Company Mu is under no obligation to pay the Contributor or donate to any organizations. No payment will be made to Contributor or any organization until the blog article is published on the Company Mu website.

Privacy and Communication

Company Mu will keep all information provided by you, the Contributor, as private until the blog article is published.

By completing the application form, Contributor agrees to allow Company Mu to communicate with them via email, phone and/or text as needed to complete the project.